Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some Good Articles in the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has had a couple of interesting op-ed pieces recently. Two are somewhat related. An op-ed piece by Robert Barro discusses "Obamanomics" from an incentive point of view, and finds Obamanomics lacking. In today's journal, Alberto Alessina provides a piece that talks about research he has done on tax cuts versus stimulus. The evidence points to tax cuts being more effective than stimulus spending. (Naturally, Krugman disagrees.) Finally, and on a different note altogether, Danish statistician, writes a piece about the polarization of the debate concerning global warning. He persistently has said he believe global warming is a problem and is human made, but that solutions other than massive cut backs in carbon emissions are available. Finally some in the media have seen his recent comments but take it as a change of heart. His piece points to the problems in todays' polarized ideological environment, and I suspect they can be extrapolated to many issues today.

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