Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fight of the Century in Germany

A German televesion station (Sat3) just had a segment on the latest Russel Roberts and John Papola's video contrasting Keynes and Hayek. I don't monitor every channel in the US all the time to see what is showing, but a random channel selection got me to this in Germany. Is there some reason German television and news offers more depth than American news and television. Several years ago I recall reading an article in a German newspaper about the most recent (at the time) Nobel price winner in economics, and the article was much more informative about the economics involved than any article I saw in an American paper. Maybe German news and TV realize they cannot compete with the pap of American news and entertainment, so actually offer more in-depth analysis of things.
On a similar note--I like the fact that the news anchors are basically news readers and not celebrities, as in the U.S.

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