Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Association of Christian Economists

I leave tomorrow for the 25th anniversary meetings of the Association of Christian Economists at Baylor University. A colleague, Kim Hawtrey, and I are presenting a paper entitled, "The Socio-economic Ideas of the Emergent Church: Some Reflections." We look at two representatives of the emerging church movement (Brian McLaren and Steve Chalke and the economic ideas they espouse. In many ways they are reminiscent of the social gospel of the liberal protestant church in the early 20th century. Anyone interested in the paper can e-mail me at lunn@hope.edu and I will return a copy of it via an e-mail attachment.
I may not have much opportunity to write new posts while at the meetings, which go through Saturday.

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  1. Great conference, I must say. Arthur Brooks is a rare professional economist who also knows how to give an interesting talk. Kudos and thanks to John Pisciotta for organizing it all.

    Now if only there'd been more coffee . . . .