Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Quo Vadis?

Two articles in yesterday's Wall Street Journal relate to concerns I have raised in this blog before. The first article talks about the federal government through the Department of Energy becoming the largest "venture capitalist" in the country. A small automotive firm, Fisker Automotice, Inc., ran into financing difficulties with plans to build a plant in Finland. With the help of the U.S. government, and Vice-President Biden, the company received funds and set up the plant in Delaware. (Evidently, VP Biden still is a senator from Delaware.) According to the article, the DOE will lend or give out more than $40 billion to businesses that work in "clean" technology.

The second article describes how Edward Montgomery, the auto-communities recovery czar, is able to cut through red tape to help auto firms redevelop abandoned auto sites. In particular, he has been able to get the EPA to expedite and alter its brownfied site-assessment program. Perhaps it is a coincidence, but the auto industry, in which the federal govenrment now has ownership stakes in two of the leading auto makers, is the main beneficiary of the czar's activities.

We are moving from an economic system that relied on private firms and initiatives to one that is becoming more dependent on government. Of course, we did not have a "free-enterprise economy" before January 2009--there has always been a lot of government involvement in the economy. But there still seems to be a difference now. I suspect government officials argue much of it is due to the recession. The same thing happened during the Great Depression, and much of the government involvement persists to today. Are we in for another ratcheting up of government guidance (control?) of the economy?

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