Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Doom and Gloom

The news remains bad.  A NY Times article reports that the Greek government may not have enough revenues to pay its bills, such as paying employees, as early as July. The steep recession is reducing government revenues. Another article reports that Spain may need help soon because the risk premium on their bonds is becoming too high. The G-7 are holding meetings on the crisis in Europe and maybe something will come out of that. (Article here). 

A column by Martin Wolf is entitled, "Panic Has Become All Too Rational." He notes a lot of reasons to be gloomy about he world economy.  He describes the West as in a contained depression. Deflationary forces are at work as households are reducing debt levels by spending less and savng more. Government policies have prevented it from becoming a full-fledged depression, but austerity is altering that. The scariest comment he makes is that he used to wonder how the 1930s could have happened. Now he understands. Clearly, Wolf thinks it could happen again.

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