Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Mixture of Articles in Today's NY Times

Several interesting pieces in today's NY Times, although of different themes and topics.  These include an article on the difference in family incomes between people who are married and those who are not.  It cites research on how much changes in family structure for middle class Americans has affected incomes and is responsible for a substantial share of increasing income inequality.  It is well done and provides interesting data.  I was somewhere recently and heard a speaker encourage students to realize that economic success is related to getting a degree, getting married, and having children--in that order! (I wish I could remember who said it but I cannot.)

Tyler Cowen's article in the business section is also very good. He writes on Medicaid in light of the recent Supreme Court decision. He notes the weaknesses in the way Medicaid has been established and thinks it is likely many states, and not just those with Republican governors, will choose to not expand Medicaid.

An op-ed piece questions whether liberal Christianity can be saved.  He notes that Bishop Spong some years ago argued the Episcopal Church had to change or die, but that it has changed as the Bishop had encouraged, and is dying.

Finally, another article related to religion is in the sports section.  It looks at American marathoner, Ryan Hall, and his unorthodox training methods. It also  focuses on Hall's religious beliefs. He is a charismatic Christian. A former Olympic athlete who attends the same church compared him to Eric Liddell.  Quite  interesting and in depth.

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