Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fed Policy Disagreements

The minutes of the most recent Fed meeting have been published. The Wall Street Journal is running an article today about the increasing differences in views about what the Fed should do.  A recent speech by Jeremy Stein, a new member of the board of the Fed, emphasizes some of the concerns that many have concerning some unwanted effects of the current policy.  As someone I saw on Squawk Box this morning put it--we may go from one financial crisis to another without having a boom time in between.  The persistently very low interest rates pusued by the Fed have to have some perverse effects.  The one talked about the most is that it encourages people to take on more risk to get a higher expected return.  In my view, the whole allocating process of financial markets is disrupted and perverted, and cannot be healthy in the long run and not doing much good in the short run.

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